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We interview and thoroughly screen every home health aide before they become part of our team solution. Only the best meet our standards.

Caring Solutions takes into consideration skills, training, and references. Our dedication to compassion and caring puts a smile on everyone’s face.

Your security is our #1 solution.

  • Federal and county courthouse records going back 7 years
  • 90 Minute interview, including competency testing, scenario-based assessments, and in-person screening
  • Multiple professional reference checks
  • Proof of current CPR certification
  • DMV record review
  • Multi-State Criminal Database going back 7 years
  • National Sex Offender Registry screen
  • Social Security trace
  • Registered drug testing with expanded opiate screening

Quality Assurance & Code of Ethics

Our goal at Caring Solutions is to help everyone stay well so they can live their lives as they see fit.

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Caring Solutions ensures that our home health aide professionals are always up to date with any schedule changes or emergencies. But the greatest part is you can stay informed yourself.

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